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Upcoming Projects

Burt Children Center

It was a chance meeting with Mary Burt for Ken Casey that led to his support of this needful abused children center in San Francisco.

Ken provided a better environment for them (from new beds, clothing and even building maintenance). 

To top it all off creating an annual Christmas treat for the children, when he went on the road as Santa Ken with a complete cast of characters to stop by for a ‘Santa is Coming’ play and gift giving event.

(this was the beginnings of the famous Ken’s Santa’s House)

White Water Rafting on the Kunene River in Africa

Only a few years after the Bashkaus River adventure Ken Casey with fellow rafting enthusiasts tackle the never successfully attempted decent of this unforgiving class 5 whitewaters of the Kunene River in Africa.

This dangerous river created unique challenges for the team with perhaps a surprising outcome.

Lets see if Ken is as good dodging boulders as well as raft sized crocodiles .

World’s Children

Over the years Ken Casey has supported a number of World’s Children projects and sponsored many health care students to get them on their way to becoming self sufficient through education. 

It provides a way out from abuse, poverty and servitude. Creating a quality of life never before experienced. It’s gratifying that more and more donors are sponsoring these children of need.

(for further information about World’s Children please click here).

African White Water Championships on the Zambezi River

Enjoy the beginning of the Camel White Water Challenge (CWWC) that became the origins of the International Rafting Federation (IRF) organization.

Witness heart stopping rafting action as Ken and crew judges this event on this untamed African wild river. 

Santa Ken

A Santa House Like No Other

As you most likely able to tell by now, (especially if you’ve followed Ken Casey for a while). He doesn’t do things half way. The famous Santa’s house is certainly no exception to the Casey rule book.

Enjoy this wonderful look into the exceptionally decorated home celebrating everything good about Santa.

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