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Economic Newsletters

The first completed project is a website that contains newsletter issues that begin in 2011. These newsletters focus on the economy. Global, national, State of California and Marin County economics.

Find out what types of legislation is good for our economy and ones that are not. What factors in this complex economic web that can work for the betterment of most or make it worse. See if my ‘Crystal Ball’ has been right on the mark or off.

In my first issue in 2011, I predicted the housing shortages of today. It’s unfortunate that very little was done about it.

Why do some federal administrations preformed better than others? What outcomes accrued from the actions of the 3 Federal branches since President Franklin Roosevelt’s administration?

Soon this website will expand with additional wealth of information.

Tune in here.

North Pole Arctic Expedition

Arctic Ken

It’s the ultimate adventure for Ken Casey to reach the 90, the North Pole via dog sled and skis.

The constant battle of the cold (-30 degrees), building of ice bridges to go over water leads, dealing with rugged ice terrain resulting from the effects of pressure ridges and then there are those white out conditions.

At times making no headway at all. If fact going backward. An icy trek that five teammates will not be able to complete … Acting as cameraman, Ken interviews and narrates the events as it happens. 

Experience the Arctic in this one of a kind video series now … click here

Bashkaus River, Siberia USSR

Ken sitting in a USSR made raft - Bashkaus River, Siberia

Ken Casey and Project RAFT battle the unforgiving never explored at the time class 5 white waters of the Russian Bashkaus River in Siberia with fellow Russian rafters. 

Tackling this dangerous river created a new comradeship of teamwork with perhaps not so surprising outcome.

It may have been another nudge for the beginning of U.S. and Russian relation improvement prior to the Perestroika movement.

It’s now 1988 …

Click here to experience the Bashkaus River.

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