Arctic Expedition to the North Pole

The 'Icy Hell' of the Arctic

Get on-board with Ken in this 1995 icy expedition of the first Chinese and American collaborative efforts to get to the 90 … the North Pole.

Meet one of the most diverse groups of adventurers ever, (originating from three continents with an age span of almost 53 years).

As cameraman and interviewer, Ken sets the stage of this one of a kind adventures that may prove to be perhaps the toughest one yet. Battling the icy elements is no doubt challenging for the group. Trudging on the ice with skis and dog sleds all the while dealing at times with white out conditions, sound impossible?

How about adding building ice bridges, being tossed out from an errand sled, accidentally plunging into the icy arctic waters? All the while trying to keep the pace of 15 miles a day. These are just some of the many challenges to overcome on the way to the 90.

Will Ken’s sense of humor and dog-git perseverance be able to tame this hell on ice?

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