Lifetimes and Places with Ken Casey

You’re in for a treat! From mountain climbing to class 5 white water rafting to attempting to survive the Arctic. 

Then there’s the acting, operatic singing, philanthropic efforts to help children. Oh, there’s also the white water rafting in Africa and Tasmania. The mountain climbing in Yosemite and other world class mountains. Hiking around Grand Canyon and other wonderful places. Not to mention the World travel to more than 70 countries. Enjoy the journey …

North Pole!

Get on-board with Ken in this 1995 icy expedition of the first Chinese and American collaborative efforts to get to the 90 … the North Pole. Meet one of the most diverse groups of adventurers ever, (originating from three continents with an age span of almost 53 years). As cameraman and interviewer, Ken sets the stage of this one of a kind adventure that may prove to be perhaps the toughest one yet. Battling the icy elements is no doubt challenging for the group. Trudging on the ice with skis and dog sleds all the while dealing at times with white out conditions, sound impossible?

North Pole! Interviews

Get the insights of what it was really like … as Ken Casey interviews his teammates. When all said is done. What did Ken’s team think? What was their scariest moment? The toughest part? What was their high point of the adventure? 

These questions and more are answered.

North Pole! Extended Edition

This extended edition takes you right in the mist of this Arctic struggle of survival of a group of overland adventurers heading to the North Pole. The Arctic isn’t flat! The team has to deal with pressure ridges of 40 feet in height. Leads that only could be crossed by building an ice bridge and the icy cold … day in … day out.

Bashkaus Rafting in Siberia USSR

It was only a year after the 1987 President Reagan’s speech to “tear down this wall” at the Brandenburg Gate in West Berlin, then West Germany. 

The thought – try to foster cooperation between the American and Russian cultures by putting all of everyone on rafts … on class 5 plus rapids of the Bashkaus River in Siberia. What could happen?

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