Kunene River Exploratory Expedition

Kunene River - Africa

In 1992 just four years after rafting the class 5 whitewaters of the Bashkaus River in Siberia, (then the USSR) Ken hits the wild class 5 white waters in Africa, on the Kunene (Cunene) River. Just three months before Angola is set to elect their first President and National Assembly in a free and multi-party election. 

There were two prior unsuccessful descent attempts; The first attempt in 1961 when two canoeists tried to conquer the waterway. Unfortunately they indicated in their notes that they walked more than they canoed. Then about 30 years later, a group of university students tried only a section of the river with tragic results that ended with a drowning.

Find out if Ken is as good dodging sharp edged boulders as well as raft sized crocodiles in this unbelievable first and only white water expedition decent attempt of its kind. Get the inside scoop what really happened and enjoy the video created by the professional videographers that hung on for their dear life on cliffs shooting the exciting scenes.