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It's all about our economy

I have published several economic newsletters beginning in 2011. Covering the International, National, California and Marin County economies that focuses on economic issues that will effect your life.  

Find out what will effect our economy; the good, the bad and yes, the ugly …..

From extensive research and putting my economic ‘Crystal Ball’ to work, I create a fairly accurate picture of what our economy is all about. The many factors that effect it and what the future may hold. As you read the results of the number crunching of forecasts you’ll soon uncover startling trends. Discover that economic history creates obvious parallels for today’s economy moving forward.

At times, a tongue in cheek description but always an easy read. For the very first time the website provides access to all the newsletter issues, there is a digital method to read the pages as it were paper and an option to download the content to make it easy to read later.

Note: In the upcoming months there will be newsletter special additions available as well.

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