1993 4th White Water Championships

Coruh River - Turkey

In 1993, the last organized water sport event of Project RAFT occurred – the 4th White Water Championships was held on the Coruh River in Turkey. The teams competed in various water sport disciplines including Slalom and Down River.

The series of four organized by Project RAFT (Russians and Americans for Teamwork) events later began the CWWC (Camel White Water Challenge) series and in 1997 help to establish of the International Rafting Federation (IRF), the International governing body of the sport.

The Coruh River is located in northern eastern region of Turkey. It is recognized as one of the top ten white water rivers in the world. With its high volume rapids (of up to class 5 rapids) that are fed by the snow-melt from the eastern Black Sea mountains. Çoruh River flows through spectacular canyons and narrow, fertile valleys of orchards and tiny paddy fields and past ancient ruined castles. All set against a backdrop of magnificent rugged mountains.

Rafting Championships did return back to Turkey in 2019. This time on the raging waters of the Munzur River in Tunceli. Hosted by the Turkish Rafting Federation.