White Water Rafting on the Bashkaus River

Undiscovered White Waters of the Bashkaus River

Ken Casey with Project RAFT meets the USSR! 

Prior to the Perestroika and the Glasnost movement, Project RAFT (Russians and Americans For Teamwork) and Ken Casey embark on an adventure to the USSR, on then the unknown Class 5 rapids of the Bashkaus River in Siberia.

The Bashkaus River in now widely considered one of the most challenging rivers for white water rafting in the former USSR. In Russia, it is known as a Class 5 river meaning that its technical difficulty, (difficulty in navigating it in a raft or canoe) is high, while its remoteness or distance from assistance in the event of things going wrong is Class 6 (on the Russian scale of one to six).

For the first time Americans and Russians work together to try to tame the powerful waters of the Bashkaus River in this incredibly difficult historic event.

Will Ken, members of RAFT and the Russian rafters with their unique catamaran and trimaran rafts make it out in one piece?

Stay tuned for the video!  Lifetimes and Places with Ken Casey – Bashkaus River Rafting

Interested? Go to the Bashkaus Website by Clicking here. 

The white water adventure begins - heading to the Bashkaus River - Siberia Russia USSR
Project RAFT at the Bashkaus River - Siberia Russia USSR
Ken at a village on the Bashkaus River
USSR and U.S. rafting campsite at the Bashkaus River
White Water Rafting on the Bashkaus River - Project Raft