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Who is Kenneth J Casey? Find out right here, right now. Ken has many passions including; acting, opera, soccer, hiking, snow skiing, mountain climbing, white water rafting, arctic adventure, number crunching, making sense of our economy, philanthropic causes and sharing narratives of his unique adventures and life lessons.

Kenneth J Casey Underwater

Economic Newsletters

Ever wonder what the heck the economy is all about? What type of factors can really effect your life?

These newsletters are what you've been looking for. An enjoyable and easy read of the State of California, our national and global economies.

A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned

Arctic Expedition

Ken Casey takes on the 90! The 1995 expedition to the North Pole via dog sled was one of the most challenging adventures ever. Experience it as it happens ...

When things go wrong, can determination and a sense of humor win out?

Kenneth J Casey - Arctic

Sharing of my life ...

On numerous occasions I have been asked to do a narrative of my life. I feel humbled to be asked ... to share my life, my life lessons, my life long passions. Well, I'm finally taking the first steps. In the process of doing my narrative, a creation of unique websites, videos, and audios are being produced. It is my hope that you'll enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed sharing my experiences with others over the years.​
Kenneth J Casey
Kenneth 'Ken' J Casey

Let's begin ...

Since 2011 I have published economic newsletters. Explaining in easy to understand terms with a combination of tongue in cheek humor, historical facts and research on what really effects our economy and what the future may hold.

For the first time ever these issues are available online at KennethJCaseyNewsletters.com.

The next completed project is all about adventure. A 1995 Arctic expedition to the North Pole via dog sled and skis. A trek of extreme cold, diversity and hardship. Acting as cameraman and narrator, I record events as they occur using my trusty Hi8 camcorder. This will be the first video in a series of Lifetimes & Places with Ken Casey.

For further information about this particular project please view the North Pole Arctic Expedition page on it’s own website.

Stay tuned! There’s so much to share!